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Friday, March 16, 2012

Birds . Bees . Flowers . Trees .

That can only mean one thing...

Spring is here!

the beautiful flowers in my trees...they make me happy :)

Now that the weather is warmer and the birds and bugs are back outside, so are my kids! They spend hours outside in the backyard. Their favorite thing:
swinging...the kids love to swing
When they're not swinging, they are trying to catch birds. Genesa came up with a fool-proof plan. She stands on a rock under a tree, holding a stick in her hand, and inserting it into the tangle of branches in the tree above. A bird will fly by and, seeing the stick, will land on it, thinking that it is just another branch in the tree. Genesa will then catch the bird by its legs and have her first pet! She thought of this elaborate plan all on her own, and she is very determined to catch a bird. She even dreams about it! So when I look outside, all I see are cute little feet tiptoed on a rock, with hands extended into trees. They haven't caught a bird yet, so in the meantime, they have made pets of roly polies: 

they have hundreds of them
Playing with bugs is not all fun & games, though:
Genesa got stung by a bee :(

I make sure to give myself and Corina some sunshine time, too
I bring Corina outside in her exersaucer 

And I sit back and savor it all... 

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  1. Oh my goodness I miss it so much and of course all of you too. I love the rolly polly pic. Genesa is so cute and creative! That's a good plan for a new pet. Did she get stung by a bee again or is this from the last time we talked about it. That's never fun =(