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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Play Kitchen, Play Food

My kids don't play with the super-cute red wooden all-in-one retro play kitchen that I got them (sigh)....


they DO play with all the play food.

...which inevitably means that things break. When that happens, I usually try to fix stuff up by taping/gluing it, but sometimes, it's broken beyond repair, and I have to throw it away (I hate throwing stuff away!)

I was so excited to come across these printables from Education.com that allow me to make my own play food!

I printed them out, glued them to cereal boxes and then cut and folded and glued and taped them to make my very own play food. 
Isn't that FUN?

And I was able to replace my broken cookies box with a fresh new one.

Try it out with Samantha!

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  1. LOVE this!!!!! I'm so excited. I'm totally going to do this. You are so good! =)