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Friday, February 3, 2012

A Taste of Sudanese Life

We had guests staying with us for 3 days this past week. We met them in college, and they have been living overseas in Africa for the past couple of years. One night, they gave us a glimpse of Sudanese life...

Men wear hats & women wear scarves, but nobody smiles in pictures

the Feast...

Starting with the chicken and going clockwise, the dishes served are:
 rotisserie chicken 
yogurt-cucumber dip
hibiscus iced tea (in the pitcher)
beef-onion-tomato stew
dessert: sweet noodles with raisins
scrambled egg cake
beef-onion-tomato stew
    There are no utensils. Your bread is your spoon and your napkin. And only the right hand is used for eating. So, we all broke off pieces of bread and food and dipped in! It was fun.

    Speaking of food, check out foodgawker.com for recipe ideas when you need a little extra inspiration.

    Lastly, welcome to Sunnyvale! How was your first night in your new place? I pray that God blesses your new life there :)



    1. Wow, that feast looks amazing! What a wonderful experience having your college friends visit. Our first night was good! We had dinner at FB then came home and crashed. My dad helped me arrange furniture the next morning while Brad went to work and then I dropped my dad off at the airport. I started working on putting stuff away in the kitchen, but I started contracting so I laid down for a while. Beverly and Erwin come over tomorrow to help play with Samantha and help us put stuff away so I hope we have the living room, kitchen, and Samantha's room done by the end of the weekend. The other rooms I can work on at my own slow pace without feeling junkie about how slow I am about it lol. So glad to read your update!!!

      1. How fun that you got to experience facebook! Did you get a tour from Brad? How was the food? How scary that you had contractions! We are praying for your preganncy...
        You wanna hear something so sad? Genesa just threw up about 45 minutes ago :(
        Please keep our family in prayer...